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We believe that the secret of longevity is physical and mental balance.

The clarity of mind is as important for a full life as physical health. We have developed a vitamin group mainly to maintain physical health. All of our products are 100% natural.

Why do we stand out from the vast majority of organic and natural products?

Our products are made of 100% natural herbs, manufactured with a special process, based on centuries-old traditional recipes. They have a high active ingredient content, do not contain artificial additives and are produced without chemical intervention, which ensure that we are able to maintain our good quality. Besides, the beneficial components are absorbed highly efficiently in the body.

Modern science recognizes the fact that a long-term consumption of synthetic vitamins and dietary supplements can have adverse effect in the body. Although the synthetic products give a sudden charge to the depleted body, following their consumption the results drop back even below the original conditions, unlike in case of taking natural vitamins.

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Our Aim

Nature Base AB is a company that markets natural vitamins, and exclusive natural products in Scandinavia and the Baltics. With vitamins and juices, we focus on high quality, attractive design and 100% pure ingredients.

Nature Base AB focuses on 100% natural pure herbal vitamins and supplements. With unique technology we derive nourishment from herbs and fruits in high quality and good absorption. With a wide range, efficient capsules and drops, we now proudly present our products in Sweden, Finnland and in other markets!

We will exhibit again our natural products at Natural Products Skandinavia in Malmö November 14 to 15, 2018. If you need help to develop a customized nutritional program the best choice is to consult a trained therapist.

Our vitamins and drinks do not contain additives, artificial ingredients, stabilizers or dyes. The ingredients are completely pure and healthy, and efficiently absorbed by the body and used easily because of the high vitamin content.

We are 100% VEGAN!


Please visit us at Natural Products Skandinavia exhibitions in Malmö, on 14-15. November 2018.

Our products are registered by the Vegan Society.

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St. Martin str. 6, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

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Frans Kirstner
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Email: frans@naturebase.se